Our Snaptastic Booth has a nostalgic old-time feel, reminiscent of the good ‘ol days. In an electronic age where every photo booth is going minimalistic and ultra high-tech, we pride ourselves in keeping things simple and old school. Our enclosed booth has vintage wood paneling that provides you with the privacy like an old school booth. The private enclosure option can comfortably fit 8 people, yet our record has been 12! However, with the open air option there's no limit ;)

Vibrant Backdrops

Unique customization of backdrops is available for an additional investment. For more info, please reach out to us :)

Our So-Cool Props!

Our props are unique as they are awesome! They span the whole gamut of photo booth prop-onometry ;) We have custom-made wooden props that are one-of-a-kind, to pop star heads, vintage to holiday themed props. It’s a guarantee you’ll find one you will love!