You guys were so wonderful, we have already been getting requests for you both to come back a second year!

-Rachel K., Quixote Studios

Snapgram Photo Booth was soooo much fun! They give you 2 printouts!! Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure most places only give you one copy of a photo.

-Amy Y.

Adrian and Sheri were both nice & friendly, the props were fun (and durable), and photos were quick to come out.

-Sandee T.

Snapgram Photobooth is THE BEST. Adrian and Sheri couldn't be any cooler or kind. You have to have to have to have them at your next event! We will be :)

-Courtney C., Little Junebugs

The photo booth was fantastic and we will treasure the memories you guys captured of our special night.

-Robert D.,